Fulton Oysterfest

Many people aren’t familiar with the Texas Gulf Coast, and to be honest I’m completely okay with that. I love my small town and our uncrowded beaches. I love being able to drive on the beach or bring my dogs to a bonfire. I live in Rockport Texas which is connected to the small nearby town of Fulton. It’s a tiny waterfront community filled with retirees, fisherman, and artists. The sunsets are amazing and the trees are short and bent from constant offshore winds. Our town is often lovingly referred to as “A sleepy little drinking town with a fishing problem”. Quite apropos. We have plenty of places to get your adult beverages and plenty of churches to repent of whatever mess they got you into. Folks here have boats and RV’s, fishing rod and guns, sandals all year, and hairstyles are non-existent (due to the constant wind).

Please don’t come visit and definitely don’t think about moving here. We like it being a small town. Here are some things to convince you to stay right where you are- the nearest Target is 45 minutes away (moms I know you feel me on this one). We don’t have a super HEB, or even a second grocery store.We don’t have any of the other large box stores either, no Lowe’s or Home Depot. Also, we lack any of the major chain restaurants, so if you’re craving Chili’s, IHOP, or Olive Garden prepare for a hefty drive. We have one clothing store that sells normal clothes. The other stores that sell clothing only sell fishing attire, Hawaiian shirts, or “resort wear” as it is popular with the wealthy ladies here on vacation.

Summertime is hot and humid- if you don’t like the feeling of being roasted alive in a heavy wet blanket, you won’t enjoy it. We have mosquitos and bugs all year. It rarely gets below freezing here so bugs are a constant nuisance. This means if you have pets- they have fleas AND ticks. ALL THE TIME. As a community full of retired folks, driving anything close to the speed limit is near impossible, and you can expect them to stop in front of pretty houses and point out the plants in bloom while you’re waiting patiently behind them with no option of going around. When there’s a festival driving patterns in the entire town and next town over are rerouted and disrupted for the parade featuring every single high school student in a 25 mile radius.

This past weekend was Fulton Oysterfest, and I’ve never been despite having lived here for so many years. I went with my friends from Bigfoot Hydrographics to meet with people and discuss ideas for handpainted tumblers. I had no idea it was such a big deal here, but let me tell you I think I saw every person I know in town and a few from Corpus Christi too. It was a great time and I’m sure they’ll keep me busy painting in the coming weeks.

Here are a few pictures to wrap up my weekend and show you a little about our town, but remember…stay right where you are. We’re just fine without any more tourists and please whatever you do, don’t tell anyone else about us either. HGTV does that enough for all of us. If you feel compelled to come this far south prepare to do some drinking, eat some seafood, and don’t forget to support the local artists!