The Best Little Arthouse in Texas

Ladies and Gentlemen, one and all- the best little arthouse in Texas is officially back on the old interwebz! Please be patient with me as I work to get the website back to its former glory over the coming weeks. The downside to this is that the format and content will change frequently. The good side is that the content will change frequently- so if you come back the chances are you’ll find something new on the site or something that looked a little wonky before is finally fixed.

After a long hiatus, the studio is up and running and quite busy with a new addition. I gave birth to a beautiful little girl on April 10 2015 and now she keeps me company while I work. While, I don’t intend for this blog to be about my kid…tempting, but there are so many other ladies who do that better than me; she is an ever present source of inspiration. So as a result you may read about her from time to time and how she impacts my art. (She is also the reason for the long hiatus and my current sometimes slow progress in my work. Go figure.)

We’ve partnered with a company called Bigfoot Hydrographics based here in Rockport to paint commissioned art on their merchandise. You can see what I’ve been up to so far in the Painted Rambler gallery. It’s been a blast and I’ve been fortunate enough to have pretty free reign in my creative endeavors with them. I encourage you to check out their site and see the other items they have to offer and some pretty neat options for coating just about anything.

I have managed to actually post fairly regularly on the studio Facebook page- which is a huge accomplishment. I may be quite talented when it comes to creating, but I’m a terrible marketer. I know this. I have been working on keeping the Facebook page active and I plan to write a blog here once a week to update on studio happenings or highlight an artist. Who knows…I might even get really crazy and write some art tutorials…Thanks for checking in on me and I hope that you decide to come back and follow along with us here at the best little arthouse in Texas…there is so much more to come.