Work I Love.

As an artist, it’s a general rule that I love what I do- most of us certainly don’t make art because it’s a highly lucrative profession. So, please understand that I love what I do. That being said, every once in awhile I get a commission that allows me to work with content I really enjoy personally. Most of the items I get to paint for Bigfoot Hydrographics deal with things I like, but this one…well…let’s just say on the rare occasion I get to venture toward the sinister side of art- it makes half of my dark little heart break into interpretive dance.

I love anime. Okay, maybe love is a strong word because I love my husband and my child…but the next best thing- whatever that word is- that’s how I feel about anime. You would think that I would have seen Bleach years ago. It’s not new or anything, but I hadn’t. I had sort of been saving it, because I knew it was a good show. I didn’t even know when I saw the inspiration for this commission that it was one of the main characters.

(Cue the dramatic music)

When I was told he was from Bleach, I knew I needed to watch the show. I can’t go painting the guy without knowing anything about him. It must have been destiny, fate, kismet…It was time to watch bleach. I always knew this moment would come. It arrived and I knew I needed to jump on the train to destiny…so before I did any work, any painting, any sketching- it was time for NetFlix and chill. By NetFlix and chill I mean binge watching anime when I should be doing ten thousand other things. But I didn’t. It was glorious. So thank you, unknown customer, for loving this character, for needing him painted on a giant YETI water bottle, and for letting me be the one to do it.

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