Rainy Day Thoughts…



It’s a cool cloudy day here on the Gulf Coast and I have a small break in the work. I have naturally used my time wisely and drawn a sketch of Khal Drogo. Nothing too time consuming just a quick practice, but fun to be sure! I was hoping to open some slots for portraits, but I’m booked solid already with painting so the portraits will have to wait except for those who have already contacted me. It also looks like it’s time to update the website again, so please be patient as things may change around a bit.

So back to the important things, like Khal Drogo- why him? Easy, he was my favorite character. I still refuse to believe he’s dead and hold onto the slim hope they’ll bring him back. (Don’t rain on my parade) I loved the Khal!


He reminds me of my sweet husband Casey. The have a similar demeanor and way of carrying themselves. I always say my husband was born in the wrong time/plane of existence. He was born to be an epic warrior with a chip on his shoulder and tales of him should be told through the ages. He’s the bee’s knees. He is also an amazing father and I couldn’t love my husband anymore. The laws of physics simply don’t allow for any more love than I already have for him. So there’s a tiny glimpse into my helter skelter thought processes! Thanks for visiting!


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