(Work In Progress )

I have always had a love/hate relationship with portraits. They’re just tough sometimes, people don’t always love the way they look and this bounces back to the artist as an endless array of “adjustments” and “fixes”. The truth is that your imperfections are what make you look like you. It’s the asymmetry, wrinkles, and blemishes that make you unique and beautiful.

After a very long hiatus I have decided to begin accepting portrait commissions again. I’m really excited for the new challenges to face and friends to be made. So, if you need something really special, something for that person who’s hard to buy for, or just want to capture the moment with your babies before they go and get all grown up- send me a message and let’s put something together! Pricing will be as follows:

3 X 5……….$50.00

5 X 7……….$75.00

8 X 10……..$100.00

11 X 17…….$200.00

*Contact me for pricing on custom or larger sizes.



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